puralia meenamatta Jim Everett
Tasmanian writer & cultural advocate 2017 5x7 inch collodion tintype
Portrait made for the theatre production Tasmanian Requiem 
Dexter Rosengrave, artist 2016 5x7inch collodion tintype
Roger Scholes, film maker 2017
5x7inch collodion tintype
Ryk Goddard, actor & broadcaster 2017
5x7 inch collodion tintype
Julie Gough, artist 2017
5x7 inch collodion tintype
Bryony Kidd, writer 2017
5x7 inch collodion tintype
Pete Mattila, artist blacksmith 2017
5x7 inch collodion tintype 
Frances Butler, producer Tasmanian Requiem 2017
5x7 inch collodion tintype 


Salamanca Arts Centre Studio Gallery

June 2017 
Collodion tintype portraits of Tasmanians in the Arts.

Tintypes, invented in the 1850s, consist of a blackened metal plate coated with photographic emulsion that is exposed in a large format bellows camera.

Tintype portraits have a special power:  they require long exposures which force the sitter to concentrate on their own stillness and gaze. Portraits acquire a gravitas and nobility rarely achieved in other forms of portraiture.

Each tintype is a unique, one of a kind image object, with no intermediate negative or file used in its production.

The technique is rarely practiced and seldom encountered.

Tintypes exemplify a return to hand crafted image making. The materiality of unique photographs made on the spot, looking out from durable metal plates has a beguiling power that is rarely experienced in modern photography.