Entrepot Gallery, Hobart, Jul 27 - Aug 6 2015 
High resolution, multiframe, digital panoramas.

Vestige explores and documents vanishing or barely perceptible traces of historic human activity in the Tasmanian landscape. This series of high resolution, visually immersive panoramic works invites the viewer to reflect upon our history and to ponder our once audacious yet ultimately tenuous and ephemeral imprint upon the land. The majority of images document sites of strenuous (and sometimes forced) labour and industry across Tasmania which are now fading into obscurity, reclaimed by nature and time.

All images 2015, composite digital photographs, black and white pigment prints on Hahnemuhle photorag. 94cm x ~24cm.
Convict sandstone quarry, Saltwater River 2015
Port Davey Track & Western Arthur Range 2015
Convict Road, Orford 2015
Whalers' lookout, Great Oyster Bay 2015