Lesueur / Petit, 1801
An antipodean reciprocation of the 1801 French voyage of exploration to Terra Australis led by Nicolas Baudin.

A whimsical photographic record of  the natural history of the river Seine in Paris and at its mouth at Le Havre, from where Nicolas Baudin's voyage embarked.

From my 2021 UTAS Rosamund McCulloch Studio residency at la Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris.

Pinhole Camera Panoramas

Inspired by Charles-Alexandre Lesueur and Nicolas-Martin Petit's compelling and mysterious panoramas of the coastline of Terra Australis including Van Diemens Land.
the panoramas

Polaroid Triptychs

Signs of life along the Seine recorded on instant film.
the triptychs

Monochrome film slides

Signs of life along the Seine recorded on medium format, bleach reversal monochrome slides.
the slides