Pinhole Camera Panoramas
Black and white, medium format film, exposed in a lensless panoramic pinhole camera, at sites along the Seine in Paris and at its mouth at Le Havre. The multi-minute exposure times remove human figures from the landscape, evoking the legal travesty, Terra Nullius, which drove European occupation of Australia, an already occupied land.
  • The Seine at Athis-Mons I
    Le Havre  harbour I
    The Seine at Athis-Mons II
  • Le Havre beach I

    Le Havre harbour II

    Le Havre beach II
  • Pont Louis-Philippe, Paris
    Île de la Cité, Paris
    View east from Pont de Sully, Paris
  • View east from Pont des Arts, Paris
    View west from Île de la Jatte, Paris
    Île Saint-Louis, Paris
Individual panoramas are available as fibre-based silver gelatin prints (10cm x 28cm) made by me at the Ithaque Gallery & Darkroom in Paris (editions of 2 - $700 framed) and as archival inkjet prints (29cm x 80cm) from the digitally scanned negatives (editions of 5 - $500 unframed).
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